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The Ride

A traveling exhibition in three stops.

Stop 1:
Zoo Galerie, Nantes
Opening January 25th
Show January 26th to February 20th
Conferences February 20th

Stop 2:
Curtat-Tunnel, Lausanne
Opening March 1st
Show March 2 to March 30
Conferences end of March

Stop 3:
Schwarzwaldallee, Basel
Opening April 20thl
Show April 21to June 16th
Conferences during ArtBasel

Full conference program here:

Galerie J was launched in Geneva in 2005 as an artistic and curatorial project, exhibiting works in, on, and around a car that was parked between commercial art galleries during the group openings they organized three times a year. The idea was to utilise the presence of gallery-goers, to show artists whose work is rarely or never presented. Exhibiting in, on or around a car also invites reflection on the status of works of art. Are they only for interiors lighted by neon tubes and white- walled – white cubes? Does a different context change the way they’re interpreted? Do they remain works of art outside established spaces?

The project lasted five years, first at the corner of the rue des Bains and the rue Vieux-Billard in Geneva, then twice in 2009 in the impasse Saint-Claude in the Marais district of Paris. In all, seventeen shows were organized, with works of every size and medium: some of which were created especially for the cars.

The project The Ride brings all of the works shown in, on, and around the cars together as a single exhibit. Zoo Galerie in Nantes, Curtat Tunnel in Lausanne, and Schwarzwaldallee in Basel will host the project through the first six months of 2013. All three of these independent art spaces have chosen the «white cube» typology. In showing the ensemble of the Galerie J works at these venues, we seek to confront and question the different ways art is exhibited.

With works by:

Martin Beck, Marie-Avril Berthet/Frédéric Post, Christian Bili, Olivier Cablat, Olivier Desvoignes, Moyra Davey, La Galerie Extérieure (curators) with Jean Barberis, Dominique Blais, Aurélien Froment, Mark Geffriaud, Aurélie Godard, Pierre Leguillon, Bruno Persat, Eric Stephany et Virginie Yassef, Fabrice Gygi, Philippe Joner, Carl June, Klat, Körner Union, Perrine Lacroix , Mélodie Le Blévennec, Stéphane Magnin, Aurélien Mole , Elena Montesinos, Mélodie Mousset, Nathalie Rebholz, Izet Sheshivari, Julien Tiberi, Marie Velardi.
Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, a proposition by Zoo Galerie.