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Les récits de l’insu

Tales of untold

Ulla von Brandenburg - Guidette Carbonnell - Lamarche & Ovize – Christophe Lemaître and Aurélien Mole – Selma and Sofiane Ouissi – Keen Souhlal

Exhibition from january 17 to march 15, 2015
Opening on Saturday, January 17 at 5pm
Centre d’arts plastiques Albert Chanot
33, rue Brissard
92140 Clamart

The Art Center Albert Chanot and the art center L’onde in Velizy team up to offer a joint exhibition and establish an artistic dialogue on two nearby territories.

The exhibition "Les récits de l’Insu" takes its title from a phrase of Michel de Certeau, who in his book The Practice of Everyday Life, highlights the non-conscious knowledge or "insus" whose transmission is possible through making and orality.

Bringing together scholarly and popular cultures, artists adopt the approach of the anthropologist and go to meet traditions, immersed themselves in ancient myths, pratice ancient disciplines from antiquity to appropriate the ancestral know-how or ancient rituals.
This exhibition in two parts brings together fifteen artists of French and international origin. Emerging artists stand alongside tutelary figures as Guidette Carbonell (born in Meudon in 1910) and develop their artistic research through video, photography, sculpture, performance, or drawing.

The artists explore and attempt to go beyond the potential offered by the popular arts. They update and practices such as ceramics, tapestry, ikebana. They invent and revisit seasonal rituals, thus encouraging new non-academic gestures.

Photo credits : Nicolas Giraud