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A wedding Exhibition

Aurélien et Tiphanie

With :
Antoine Aguilar, Nicolas Beaumelle, Cécile Bicler, Jonathan Binet, Paul Czerlitzki, Nick Devereux, Etienne Hervy, Marie Lancelin, Sacha Léopold et François Havegeer, Bevis Martin et Charlie Youle, Aurélien Mole, Édouard Montassut, Nick Oberthaler, Emilie Pitoiset , Michael et Florian Quistrebert, Achim Reichert, Nicolas Roggy.
Curators : Olga Rozenblum et Gallien Dejean

Exhibition from may 17 to may 24 2013
le Treize
24 rue Moret
75011 Paris


You are friends of Tiphanie and Aurélien.
We are hosting and organizing an exhibition at Chez Treize that will include the works of artists invited to the wedding of the two lovebirds.
There will be an opening on May 17, this exhibition that will last one week will also be a gift in the end because all artworks displayed are to be offered to Tiphanie and Aurélien, if you wish.

We’d be gratefull if you want to show and give an artwork.

Gallien and Olga