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(with Julien Tiberi)

2010, 5 A4 size sheets of paper, 5 A4 size framed photographic prints, 1 framed acetate sheet, 1 framed black cardboard sheet, 1 A4 size sheet of paper, pins, plastic stick set on a galalith A4 size sheet, showcase bench black stained wood, (catalogue made for the 55th art fair in Montrouge).

Vue du Salon de Montrouge 2010/ Instalation at Salon de Montrouge 2010

55 was a collaboration with Julien Tiberi carried out on the occasion of the 55th art fair in Montrouge. Answering to a call for projects, the two artists had mutually chosen five works from each other’s work. After having printed the labels, Julien Tiberi drew five of Aurélien Mole’s works and Aurélien Mole photographed five of Julien Tiberi’s works from images that were already published and then printed them on photographic paper. The application dossier that was then sent to the jury of the art fair, was composed, in the end, of authentic works.

Their application having been accepted, the artists got back their application dossier and tore up all the sheets maintained by the plastic stick that kept them together. They considered the tears in the margins of the document to constitute sculptural forms, and framed each of them as well as the front and the back cover so that the gray frame cards revealed just the torn part.

Then they set the plastic stick on an A4 size bloc of galalith (the ancestor of plastic materials) that was punctured with rectangular holes. This sculpture was placed in a showcase bench opposite the frames.


Manifeste pour un art d’après le renversement de l’Eternité
Vue de l’exposition

55 (édition)
four-colour process print on paper

The organising committee of the art fair in Montrouge asked to the artists to provide a visual of their work for the catalogue that would be published. Aurélien Mole and Julien Tiberi decided that the published visual would be an additional work.
With the agreement of the Hippocrène Foundation, they set up their works in Mallet-Stevens’ previous architectural firm, the time to capture shots of an imaginary exhibit called: “Manifeste pour un art d’après le renversement de l’éternité” (“Manifest for an art after the overthrow of eternity”). These pictures served as a basis for Emmanuelle Lequeux’s presentation text of this exhibit that never occurred.
The text and the pictures constituted the catalogue of the 55th art fair in Montrouge.


55 (visuel)
dessin sur impression jet d’encre

55 (visuel)
Print on paper, drawing

The organising committee of the art fair in Montrouge needing a visual for the press, the artists made an original drawing called “55” (visual) combining two of their works.


Le Catalogue
Vue de l’exposition chez Florence Loewy

“The Catalogue” was an exhibit carried out in parallel to the 55th art fair in Montrouge (2010). It represented all the works chosen by Emmanuelle Lequeux that constituted the imaginary exhibit “Manifeste pour un art d’après le renversement de l’éternité” (“Manifest for an art after the overthrow of eternity”) in Mallet-Stevens’ firm that is now the Hippocrène foundation.

édition, mdf découpé au laser.

55 (multiple)
Framed four-color process print on paper

For “The Catalogue”, a work called “55” (multiple) was created from two copies of the art fair’s catalogue.


55 (Reproduction)
Vue de l’exposition "L’exposition exposée" 2010 Astérides, Marseille

55 (reproduction)
Print on paper, drawing

“55” (reproduction) is the transfer of a site-specific work into a new context
For the exhibit “L’exposition exposée” (The exposed exhibit), the two artists decided to make the project “55” evolve. From photographic reproductions of every frame, they created an optical illusion (trompe-l’oeil). The images were printed on paper at scale one and then pasted on the wall. Under each printed frame, the artists drew the shadows of the works that were printed on the pages of the application dossier and that were hidden by the anthracite frame cards.

55 (reproduction)
Impression sur dos bleu et graphite