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Color lambda print from digital file in a plexiglass frame.
35x23,3 cm.

A cross between documents, sketches and compositions, Véronique is a series of photographs made during the exhibition of the same name. One can see bodies holding images [1], indicating that they both share the same space !


[1photographs from FRAC collections of Grande Aquitaine region : Rogi André, Harry Callahan, Arnaud Claass, Marc Deneyer, Robert Doisneau, Trisha Donnelly, Patrick Faigenbaum, Bernard Faucon, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Michel François, Lee Friedlander, Anne Garde, Luigi Ghirri, Jan Groover, Florence Henri, Peter Hujar, Manuel Ismora, Michel Journiac, Benoît Maire, Willy Maywald, Francis Morandini, Yan Morvan, Jean-Luc Moulène, Jean-Luc Mylayne, Bernard Plossu, August Sander, Émile Savitry, Josef Sudek, Didier Vermeiren, Willy Zielke