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Les Images Vieillissent autrement que ceux qui les font

Images grow old differently than the ones that make them

(2012) Catalogue published by the CNEAI=

The peculiar and unique project organised by Aurélien Mole’s photography workshop brought together three institutes, le Cneai, the Fournaise museum in Chatou and the school Jean Rostand in Chatou. Through a transversal approach and complementary practices, Aurélien Mole, artist, as well as art critic, and curator, proposed a collective and participative exhibit.

His project involved two groups of young participants (two classes of 6 to 10 year olds). This second part took on the media-related logic of the exhibit that was developed from the prospect of the catalogue and the photographs generated throughout the exhibit. What was questioned or ‘thematised’ by Aurélien Mole was the visual photographic potential ‘photographibility’ of an exhibit. The following artists: Xavier Antin, Roxane Borujerdi, Aurélien Froment, Julien Nédélec, Julien Tiberi and Clément Rodzielski were invited to create works that constituted the exhibit. Throughout a variety of practices such as sculpture, installation, collage or archives, each one of them put forward a work of art in order to create a dialogue with a selection of works from the Fournaise museum collection. The protocol was known from all as of the beginning: the relationship created between those art works would then be photographed by the second group of participants, that would become the actual and final result of this exhibit.

The purpose of this project was to highlight subjectivity, the idea of movement, shifts and changes in the exhibition space; a project in which the children could intervene and act upon. This project also experienced the contexts of photographic captures, the lighting proofs, the impact of randomness as well as ability and reflection. The catalogue, in this specific context, was considered as a ‘participatory’ work of art defined by the students, and was subjected to a public presentation.

Catalogue published by CNEAI=
Graphic design : François Havegeer